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Automatic Computerized Sock Knitting Machine: All you need to know


Automatic Computerized Sock Knitting Machine: All you need to know



Sock knitting machines are highly specialized circular knitting machines specific to the products made on them. These machines can use any type of yarn or fiber to produce hosiery and socks made to shape, size, and performance criteria.

Automatic Computerized Sock Knitting Machine, It can control the normal operation of mechanical devices and has the function of fault alarm.

It has the corresponding detection function for the operation of the machine.  

When the power supply is interrupted, the system can retainthe program and data in execution and system continue to execute the programafter the power supply is restored. 

It has the functions of setting, modifying, storing process parameters and transmitting data. 

It has the function of editing and modifying the pattern actionchain file.

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Automatic Computerized Sock Knitting Machine main feature:

The exposed parts of various wires and pipelines shall be arranged in order and placed firmly; The surface color of similar parts of machine are almost the same; The coating of machine shall be uniform, firm and reliable.

In contrast to large-scale knitting machines, sock machines do not knit continuous tubular fabric but complete individual socks. The technical sophistication of these machines is evidenced by the fact that they are able to automatically close the sock toe and so produce a finished article in a single work cycle.

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