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TONGDA Bobbin Production Line


TONGDA Bobbin Production Line


We can provide various types of bobbins, such as roving bobbin, ring bobbin, botany bobbin, dyeing bobbin, cone bobbin, cylindrical bobbin, secoing thread series, steel bobbin, mule spinning bobbin. Shaped bobbin, weft bobbin series.


Our spinning bobbins are made from high molecular PC material and new ABS. 

The customers can choose the favorite color freely based on the Pantone color card.Special specification of ring bobbin can be customized as per required sample and drawing from us.

Those spinning bobbins with inside bush and stainless steel shield at bottom are suitable for high speed adopted type spindles.


Tongda provides a variety of textile parts, welcome to inquire.

TONGDA Bobbin:

1.Latitude Tube

2.Ring Bobbin

3.ABS roving bobbins

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