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Roving frame for wool spinning FB479



High speed Roving frame

Roving frame

High speed Roving frame

Roving frame for wool spinning FB479

main feature :

The Roving frame FB479 for wool spinning is equipped with a man-machine interface that allows for convenient and efficient operation. It includes features such as electronic drafting, parameter adjustment, and power-off protection device. This machine is suitable for spinning special yarns like large belly yarn and is optimized for heat dissipation, installation, and maintenance. The structure of the draft part has been optimized to minimize mechanical wave-generated vibration. The bridge shunt wiring system reduces electrical interference, and the synchronous belt drive provides stability, low noise, and high efficiency. The one-key restore function is also available for the control system software, restoring it to its original state when parameters are updated.    


Product details

This product is a new generatian of high-end computer intelligent wool-spinning rowing equipment developed by our campany an the basis cf FA479roving frame technology,using preclse servo control and other high-tech technology to reallze electronle drafting of roving frame.

The length of spinning fiberls 64-160mm.

Fwe servo motors are used to directly drive the fve systems of spindle wing,one and two rollers,three and four rollers,bobbin and rlb liftingindependently,The main drive system of the machine is driven by arc toothed synchronous belt,and the synchronous aperation of five motors is realzed underthe control and coordination of the main controller.

Twist and other process fequirements can be completed conveniently and efficiently by inputting parameters through man-machine interface.

To realize electronic drafing,the drafting multiple can be directly adjusted through the man-machine interface. 

It can be used to spin special yarms such as large belly yarn.

With power-off protectian device and constant tension spinning system,it can greatly improve the evenness quality.

With the industial control system database,it can store mature spinning processes of different varieties and diferent counts,and process adjustment andvariety change are convenient and fast.

Optimize and design the front transmision and layout which is simple good heat dissipation and convenient for installation and maintenance.

Opimizing the structure of the draft part can effectively avoid the mechanical wave generated by the roller torsional vibration.

Bridge shunt wiring is adopted to faciltate electrical installation and reduce electrical signal interference.

The main drive adopts synchronous belt dive,which is stable,low noise and high efficiency.

The one-key restore of the system is more eficient.When the control system saftware parameters are broken,the ome-key restore can be started to restoreto the original state.



    The winding parts are gearing transmission.Gears are made by antimonyprocess.Transmission stably,and high operation speed and low noise.Accuratelygear transmission,stable running,low nolse,resulted in the improvement of spinningqualty.



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