FX516 Flax Wet Spinning: Principle, Process, Function, Application

Jun 10 2022

On the basis of introducing and making use of modern advanced technology of west Europe, FX516 flax wet spinning frame has become a new kind of machine, can be used in making flax spun yarns between 5.5 ~54Nm, wet processing in ramie and hemp as well.

1. Flax Knowledge

2. What is Flax Wet Spinning Machine?

3. The Technological Process Of Wet Spinning

4. Recommended Flax Wet Spinning

  -TONGDA FX516 Flax Wet Spinning Machine

1. Flax Knowledge

(1) Fiber introduction:

The bast fiber, the process length of flax is generally 55cm, the pectin content is large, and the spinnability is poor. The official moisture regain is 12%, which is the same as cotton in natural fibers, and its wet strength is stronger than its dry strength.

(2) Characteristics of linen textiles:

Flax fiber is the oldest textile fiber in the world, and the fabrics made from flax fiber are very versatile, and can be used as industrial products such as clothing fabrics, decorative fabrics, tablecloths, bedding and automotive supplies. With the emergence of new varieties, new technologies, new spinning methods, new weaving methods and new finishing processes, the development momentum of the linen products industry is getting better and better.

                  Flax  Flax Wet Spinning 
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2. What is Flax Wet Spinning Machine?

Flax wet spinning frame is a type of linen ring spinning frame.

It consists of a feeding mechanism, a drafting mechanism, and a twisting and winding mechanism. The roving is drawn from the roving tube on the roving frame, enters the water tank through the guide rod and the porcelain tube, and enters the drafting mechanism through the traverse guide rod after soaking.

Flax Wet Spinning

The drafting mechanism is a three-roller double-zone large drafting device composed of a feeding roller, a middle roller and a drafting roller (there are also three-roller double-apron drafting and single-apron plus light roller drafting device). The gauge in the drafting zone is smaller than the average length of the process fibers. The feeding roller jaw is composed of the lower feeding roller and the metal groove pressing roller, which is pressurized by spring. The middle and top rollers and the front top rollers are light rollers with semi-hard rubber rings on the surface, both of which are pneumatically pressurized. The feed roller, middle roller and draft roller have grooves on the surface of the lower roller to better hold the fibers.

The roving is drawn and attenuated in the drafting zone, and the process fibers are split. The drafted whiskers are twisted into spun yarns through the yarn guide hook and wound on the bobbin. The water tank contains various penetrants, softeners and other warm water solutions. When the roving passes through the water tank, the colloid between the fibers expands and softens due to the action of the solution, and the contact force between the fibers is weakened, so the process fibers can be split during drafting, and a finer spun yarn can be spun. Uniform dryness, high strength and good color. The spindle speed is about 6500r/min.

Flax Wet SpinningFlax Wet Spinning

In recent years, the spindle speed of new linen wet spinning frame can reach 8000r/min.

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3. The Technological Process Of Wet Spinning:

Equipment situation: 

combing process (chopping frame), drawing frame, roving frame, scouring pot, spinning frame, winding machine.

Long hemp spinning

combing into long hemp → combing into hemp for moisturizing and health preservation → blending hemp → hand forming into slivers → grouping → long hemp merging → 1~4 drawing frames → long hemp roving → roving bleaching and refining (sodium chlorite, Hydrogen peroxide) → wet spinning spun yarn → drying → spun yarn color separation → winding → storage

Flax Wet Spinning

Short hemp spinning

combing into short hemp → blending with hemp → mixed hemp humidification → combing → needle combing (3~4 lanes) → combing → needle combing → short hemp roving → roving bleaching → wet spinning → drying → spun yarn Color separation→winding→warehousing

4. Recommended Flax Wet Spinning

1. TONGDA FX516 Flax Wet Spinning Machine

On the basis of introducing and making use of modern advanced technology of west Europe, FX516 flax wet spinning frame has become a new kind of machine, can be used in making flax spun yarns between 5.5 ~54Nm, wet processing in ramie and hemp as well.

Flax Wet Spinning
The machine is equipped with auto break roller system, with sensitive and reliable air pressure unit, low break rate is guaranteed, it has the characteristic of high metric Nos. and rotation speed, stable body, etc. can be used widely.
World latest model FX516 Flax wet spinning frame, have stepped over mechanical & computerized automatic controlling, now, enter into industry 3.0 version. Intelligent module and synchronized control to make sure that, the main shaft, drafting shaft, feeding roller shaft, and lifting shaft, 4 shafts are under control by computer mathematical modeling.


1. The headstock adopts inclined wheel.
2. The drafting idler adopts bearing type, and the other two rows of idler rollers also adopt copper bearing type.
3. Equipped with three automatic devices.

(1. Automatic doffing, length adjustable.2. Automatic reset of ring plate. 3. Automatic stop after doffing, automatic adjustment. There is no rear end yarn for the crank. )

4. Equipped with automatic dripping device.
5. Japan Panasonic PLC control and display data. The standard of stainless steel parts is added on the basis.
6. The foot pedal is replaced with an aluminum alloy pattern plate, and the rear baffle is made of stainless steel.

Flax Wet SpinningFlax Wet Spinning

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