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Air Jet Loom - Know About Features, Benefits, And Working Principles


Air Jet Loom - Know About Features, Benefits, And Working Principles


1.What is Air-Jet Loom?

TDA-710 Smart Air Jet Loom

An air jet loom is described as a shuttle-less loom. It is a type of air jet weaving machine in which a jet of air is typically used by an air jet loom to propel the filling yarn through the weaving shed. Medium-weight yarns, followed by extremely light and very heavy yarn, can all be used with it. A warping loom without a shuttle is known as an air jet loom.

In order to utilize air as the medium for weft insertion, the operative premise is to make use of it. As well the weft yarn’s frictional adhesion force is drawn by compressed air. The weft is subsequently taken via the jet port to achieve the goal of being inserted into the stream that was created by the jet. 

Moreover, creating woven fabrics like draperies and jeans. In fact, it is used to create the most intricate fabrics. An Air jet loom machine is a functional and versatile piece of equipment that works well in several different applications. Therefore, air-jet power looms are evolving in size, speed, and cost-effectiveness.

2.Working Principle of Air Jet Loom

The air jet loom working principle is to inject the weft through compressed air, which is then employed to draw the yarn’s frictional traction force through the shed. Additionally, the jet that is produced by the jet is used to insert the weft. The air jet weaving machine may achieve high speed and high yield using this weft insertion method.

The air jet may be used on a wider range of yarns than a water jet. The reason air jet power loom is more common than rapier or projectile weaving is that the machines are less expensive to buy, install, run, and sustain.

3.Features of Air-jet Loom Machine

  • Higher weft insertion performance obtained when using an air jet loom.

  • Especially for individuals who want to make large numbers of bespoke fabric styles, these machines are the best alternative.

  • The sturdy frame structure is also present in the air jet loom.

  • Typically, the air jet loom price widths range from 170cm to 360 cm.

  • You can insert up to 8 distinct wefts into the multi-colour weft carrier.

  • Linings, Bedding, shirting fabrics, silks, and taffetas in man-made fiber core yarns should generally be composed of cotton and a few other man-made fibers.

  • Here, light and medium-weight fabric has been created.

  • A higher level of output is delivered by an air jet power loom.

  • Productivity is a key component of air jet textile looms due to its smooth warp shed, an even beating system, and optimum weft insertion system.

  • It is also possible to weave plaid or jacquard fabrics using air jet weaving.

  • Additionally, heavier yarns function better on-air jet looms than light yarns do.

  • As well, when increasing the loom width and operating speed, the consumption increases significantly to create compressed air.

4.Advantages of Air-jet Looms

  • The best solution for viscose with fewer defects is an air jet weaving machine.

  • The machine’s low vibrations are another crucial advantage

  • Air jet loom requires a less power consumption technology

  • The noise level is lower with the air jet loom compared with the rapier loom and projectile.

  • Least manpower is required

  • Wide range of fabrics can be weaved with an air-jet weaving machine

  • Fastest Return on Investment on the air jet textile machine.

  • The weft insertion performance is excessive (normally 600pm).

The advantages listed above make it apparent that air jet loom machines are essential. As the most reputable and skilled air jet loom machine manufacturer in China, we only offer the best to our clients.

TONGDA Group make every effort to provide only high-quality information that aids weavers in producing as much as possible at a reasonable cost and rate.

5.TONGDA air jet looms

TDA-710 Smart Air Jet Loom

TONGDA TDA810 Air jet Loom

TONGDA TDA910 Air jet Loom

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