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From Raw Material To Yarn, The First Process Of The Spinning Process - Blowroom


From Raw Material To Yarn, The First Process Of The Spinning Process - Blowroom


Blow Room - The processing of raw cotton or various short fibers into yarn needs to go through a series of spinning processes. The opening and cleaning process is the first process of the spinning process.

Spinning is the process of converting textile fibers and filaments into yarns for weaving or knitting into fabrics. In this article, we will understand the first process of spinning yarn formation - BlowRoom.

-Spinning Introduction

-What is the BlowRoom process?

-Goals of BlowRoom

1.Spinning Introduction

Spinning is a very ancient activity. Since prehistoric times, humans have known how to spin short fibers into long yarns, which are then woven into cloth. The so-called spinning is the act of taking animal or vegetable fibers and twisting them to form a continuous and infinitely extending yarn, so as to be suitable for weaving.

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2.What is the BlowRoom process?

BlowRoom is the first process in a cotton mill.

The BlowRoom is the beginning of the spinning operation, where the fibers are opened, cleaned, mixed, dust-removed and homogenized so that they are passed to the carding machine without increasing fiber breakage, fiber neps, broken seed particles , nor does it remove more high-quality fibers. The basic function of the blowroom is to open, sweep, dedust, mix and evenly feed the material on the card.

3.Goals of BlowRoom:

Opening - opening the bulk fibers in the compressed chemical fiber package into small pieces or small fiber bundles.

Impurity removal - to remove part of the impurities in the raw material.

Mixing - Mix all kinds of raw materials according to the proportion of cotton.

Rolling - make uniform chemical fiber rolls for carding process.

 What is the spinning process like? The first process - BlowRoom 

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Opening: By opening the corner nails in each individual machine of the cleaning and cleaning machine, the tearing and hitting of the beaters, the compressed block fibers in the cotton bale are loosened into small cotton bundles weighing 0.3-0.5g, which are used for cleaning and cleaning. Blending creates the conditions for separation into single fibers. Minimize debris fragmentation and fiber damage during opening.


Impurity removal: At the same time of opening, remove 50% to 60% of impurities in raw cotton, especially cottonseed, seed cotton, sterile seeds, sand and other large impurities. The fall of spinnable fibers should be reduced, and cotton should be used sparingly.


Mixing: Mix all kinds of raw materials according to the proportion of cotton, the raw cotton is opened well, and the mixing is more uniform.  

The goals of mixing and blending are:

* reduce irregularities in bundles from different sources,

* economical processing,

* Recycling of comber waste and other offal,

*Improve the performance of the final product, and

* Reduce the cost of raw materials.


Uniform roll: make a certain weight, a certain length and uniform cotton rolls for the next process. When the blowing-carding unit is used, the output cotton flows to the cotton storage boxes of each carding machine in the carding process.

Finally, the blowroom must ensure that the raw material is conveyed evenly to the card.

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